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In Tune Someday is a high school coming-of-age story, full of drama, angst, fluff, and music. The story explores the themes of communication, forgiveness, relationships, asexuality & self-expression through music.

The story that is delivered in a unique way. Not a novel, not a graphic novelillustrated novel isn’t quite right either. For now, I’m calling it a NOVEL/COMIC hybrid. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Website Upgrades!

February 19, 2021

Hello all! I’ve been working hard to add some new features to the site, and while there’s still more to go, here are some of the items that have been recently added:

  • You can now comment on each episode via Disqus! I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment.
  • ITS has been registered on Top Web Comics, a site where fans vote on their favorite webcomics every month. You can vote once everyday, so click away > VOTE for ITS here. It’s a simple way to support the series.
  • I’ve installed ad space with Comicad Network. Proceeds will help support me, the website, and my own advertising to get the word out. Have a comic or related site of your own? Check out the site, it’s a well-implemented system.
  • I’ve added an RSS Feed for those who use them. It updates with new episode releases.
  • If you’re like me, and don’t get RSS feeds, another way you can get alerts on new episodes is to subscribe to the email list. Find the SUBSCRIBE button on the homepage. I will never misuse your email address!

I’m constantly working on the site, along with the story—writing and drawing— all while having a full-time job! If you are ever inclined to support me by throwing a few bucks my way, (I’d be awed if you do! ty!) you can do so on my Ko-fi. Even more importantly though, please share the story with your friends & followers! More readers and more visibility would make all the difference for the future of the story. Thank you!

Stay Tuned


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