When troubled teen Jonah is forced to a new school, he encounters the headstrong Annie who seems fixated on making things right. Will her kind tenacity break through and put Jonah on the recovering path to friendship, love, and music?

About the Story

This high school drama, coming-of-age story delves into the themes of communication, forgiveness, relationships, sexuality/asexuality, self-identity, self-worth, self-expression through music, and more. This story is a novel/comic hybrid.


  • high school drama
  • genres: slice of life, drama, romance, music
  • Rated Older Teens 15+
  • LGBTA+ friendly
  • SFW but has mature themes
  • Story length: Three books, ~44 chapters total.


This story has mature themes used for a purpose. Major trigger warnings may be posted at the top of relevant episodes but foreshadowing should be enough to prepare readers without explicitly-stated spoilers. So, please be aware, throughout the course of the (admittedly very long) story, there are the following events, at times, that may put off some readers:

frequent offensive language/cursing, violence, blood, injury, attempted rape, domestic violence, alcohol use, alcohol abuse, talk about sex/sexuality


E.P. Witz has been drawing as long as she can remember. As a little girl and onward, she has been creating many (albeit, failed) comic projects. She is usually day-dreaming up stories and especially enjoys creating ones that focus on interpersonal relationships. Writing is a new endeavor that she would like to explore more.

She studied at a nationally-acclaimed art college and has a degree in graphic & interactive design. A web developer by day, she currently spends much of her free time working on In Tune Someday.

In addition to reading webcomics, some of her interests include: animals, gardening, anime & manga, sewing, listening to music, singing to herself, coding, hiking, drinking tea and coffee, trying new foods, and fighting against social injustice.

She lives in Philadelphia with her two cats and many, many plants. In typical Capricorn fashion, she is way too hard on herself.