Jonah Mathias

With a troubled past, Jonah has developed anger issues in recent years and thus is quick to be abrasive and violent. As if a self-fulfilling prophecy, he tends to sabotage any good thing in his life with his impulsive nature. He is slow to trust people and is a pro at holding grudges. He is secretly sensitive but hides his emotions, giving him unpredictable moodiness. He can have an all-consuming focus and dedication to doing the things he likes, like singing and practicing guitar, but zero interest in things he doesn’t. Jonah is an only child and introverted, so he prefers solo activities. His dexterity strengthens his skills, from playing music to more athletic hobbies like tricking. Since he rarely enjoys attracting attention, he’s actually rather humble and doesn’t think much of his merits. If left to his own devices, Jonah is shy but adventurous, independent, and hard-working.

Annie stares towards Jonah with a curios look on her face.

Annie Sutton

Annie prides herself on her intelligence and perfectionistic diligence, but not in a competitive way. She is truly compassionate and likes to play by the rules, though that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover by any means. She is generally patient, overly observant, and surprisingly stubborn at times. She is headstrong and strong-willed, which drives her to be successful at many things. However, she can be overbearing in her opinions and go overboard with criticism—even towards herself—which seemingly was passed on from her uptight parents. Annie can be very naive and overly-trusting—as such, she likes to give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe too much so. Her favorite subjects are math and science. She loves to read, anything and everything, but mostly non-fiction. Frequently seen doing various kinds of puzzles, crosswords are her favorite. She has two younger siblings and enjoys baking with her mom. She and Tessa are BBFs and are often seen together, inside and outside of school.

Tessa Anderson

If you’re looking for a friend who will tell it to you straight, look no further than Tessa. She tends not to beat around the bush, which sometimes leads her to come off as insulting. But her outspoken personality gives her overwhelming honesty. She’s a very loyal friend, emotionally supportive, and will always come through for you in a pinch. She lives for fashion and can usually be caught reading the latest celebrity magazines. She’s a social media fiend. She wants to go into journalism after high school and becomes the editor of the school newspaper. Tessa is unabashedly bi and can often be seen fawning over people she finds attractive. She loves the dating scene but can be flaky with longer-term relationships. She has an older brother and younger twin siblings. Tessa became best friends with Annie when they first met in middle school.

and many more to come…