Chapter 4.4

Jonah draped his hoodie over the fence encircling the track—he thought it could only get in the way for what was about to come. He then proceeded toward the behemoth-sized bleachers. A thud came with every step he took up the short staircase to the first landing. It seemed like the only sound for miles. 

He approached the opening that lead inside the bleachers, where restrooms were conveniently located for crowds during game time. At off-hours such as this, the lights were out and the tunnel into the depths of the complex was hauntingly dark. 

The long shadows the sun cast poured into the opening and left only a small sliver of a sunbeam to contour a figure standing against the back wall. Even shrouded mostly in darkness, the devious glimmer of an eye hinted at something malice.

Jonah didn’t have to get much closer to know he had found what he was looking for.

Seeing Aiden there, motioning for him to come closer, set alarm bells off in Jonah’s head. This is the part of the horror movie where the audience is screaming to the next stupid victim not to go in, he thought. Even so, Jonah began his inevitable steps forward with little to no hesitation. Beckoned like a dog. The sarcasm of his thoughts was probably an half-assed attempt to subdue the fear and adrenaline growing in the pit of his stomach.

The further he entered into the hallway, the more it smelled of cigarettes. And as soon as Jonah crossed the threshold, Aiden’s wily yet chilling grin turned cold. The grimace he now wore was one of determination and vengeance.

And then the shadows came from behind him.

Aiden approached closer and gestured to the stocky guy over Jonah’s left shoulder. Jonah only half-glanced behind him, keeping his attention on the ring leader out of fear that one wrong move would cost him greatly. Aiden came upon him from one side, circling around him like a cougar stalking its prey. The three sidekicks blocking the exit acted as the vultures ready to pick at the scraps. 

Don’t move, repeated in Jonah’s head as his breath went shallow and his heartbeat skyrocketed as Aiden’s chastising voice echoed in the chamber.

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