Chapter 4.5

Jonah gulped as he felt the warm yet callous breath in his ear. Aiden lingered for a moment, but then continued to circle around him, deep in an accusing monologue that casted unfair blame directly onto Jonah’s shoulders. The weight of it got heavier by the second.

“Now, you see,” Aiden resumed, “My boy’s really talented at football. There were gonna be scouts out there lookin’ at him. But now, because of you, he missed out.” 

Aiden paused for a second, in speech and in stride. The short moment of silence accentuated the the dark gravity of it all.

“It makes me mad,” Aiden hissed.  

Jonah cringed at the sound of it, and Aiden’s pacing began once again.

“My brother deserves better than this. I told you. Don’t mess with my boys. You didn’t listen.” Jonah’s heart skipped a beat, reminding him of the throbbing relentlessly pounding in his head. He speculated for a millisecond about Aiden giving such a warning— he didn’t quite remember, but more importantly, he realized he quite honestly didn’t know whose boys were whose. But he guessed that didn’t matter much at this point.

Aiden gave his concluding growl, “This place was supposed to be his gateway to the national stage.” He raised a hand and reached out. “Now this place will be your biggest regret.”

With the four-on-one odds, and a hand grasping around his neck, only one thought coursed through Jonah’s veins.

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