Chapter 4.6

“Oh, and in case you need some motivation,” Aiden jeered. “This stays between us.” 

Jonah fell to the ground. He just had the wind knocked out of him, and there was a jabbing pain in his ribcage. He hacked a cough as the tall shadow uttered its scathing ultimatum. “You tell anyone who did what’s about to happen to you, don’t be surprised when the same thing happens to your girl.”

“That is, of course, if you live.”

Aiden stepped back, as if releasing hungry predators into the lion’s den. The three minions closed in on Jonah, and it was obviously he would never stand a chance against them.

Kicks and jabs, their attacks were relentless, repeating… depraved. 

The final blow left blood spatter on the wall and the barbaric sounds of the beating ceased. A motionless Jonah was tossed to the ground like a heavy bag of garbage.

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